I’m terrible: Forgetting the most important news of this site.

I should be ashamed I suppose, but I have failed to make mention of the single greatest thing that had happened in 2009.  On said date, I dropped the ultimate question, and proposed to (my now fiancé) Kimberly.  November Friday the 13th, 2009 was the date it all went down.  This has led Kim and I down a path of intense high speed planning to make a May 29th, 2010 wedding date.  One might say that is too little time for an engagement.  To which Kim and I give a hearty laugh.  Tough, but definitely doable.

I realize this is not the greatest of updates, but hey, we’re chugging along here and actually making progress on our so called planning.  We’ve got invitations (as of last night haha).  Yes, it’s all actually going along smoothly.  I’ll update as I get battier as the wedding date approaches.