The new trusty steed.

As posted prior, I’ve decided to update my race bike.  I’ve gone simpler, cheaper, and hopefully faster.  Scratch that.  I KNOW I’ll be faster.  I can base that on the new bike being 20+ pounds lighter.  I’m stoked about what is to come in the upcoming weeks here.   First I’ll put the beast up on display here:


I’m excited with what I’ll be able to do on this thing.  In the little I’ve tested it so far, it just feels right.  Thursday I will be setting up a new grueling 3 mile test loop with full on practice Sunday.  I’m unfortunately missing a Harescramble to get this practice in, but I’m trying to keep my focus on the upcoming Enduro season (using Harescrambles to keep me in race form).  The weekend won’t be here soon enough.  I’ll have video up soon enough of what I can do on this bike.  I’m ready!