Talk about depressing

After the last tests (videos below) a couple weeks ago, I was feeling great.  I felt I rode well for my 2nd time out this season & was ready for the upcoming weekends for continued testing.  Then the pain settled in.  Apparently I had strained something in my left wrist.  I vaguely recall it happening while working my way through a dirt pile while riding, but couldn’t pin point a time where I really put stress on it.  Chock it up to over using muscles that have laid dormant all winter.

I was ok with the wrist issue.  Some things came up, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to ride the following weekend, so I knew it’d have plenty of time to heal up.  Unfortunately my body decided to succumb to yet another sinus fiasco.  I’m not quite sure what has gone on with me, as this is the 3rd time since January.  Maybe I can blame the weather, I don’t know.  I do know it is insanely aggravating and frustrating.  But, this bug settled in at the end of last weekend, so I’m hoping that it is gone come riding time Sunday.  Maybe won’t be 100%, but aiming to be pretty close.

Until then, I’ll be going to bed early as usual, like a good 60 year old. 😉