Sponsors: The ones who make it happen.

I’ve realized that I haven’t gone too much into detail in regards to my sponsors.  The ones who really help me out and make a lot of this racing nonsense possible.  I can’t thank them enough for all they do.  Check them out.

Three R Plastics Inc.

This is my fathers Injection Molding & Mold Making company.  He opened up shop in 1994, and has managed to weather difficult times in manufacturing that have taken out others.  This hasn’t happened by accident.  The quality of work produced at Three R Plastics has spoken for itself.  Not always the cheapest on the block, but the level of service that is provided consistently goes above and beyond customer expectations.  If you’ve got a unique product you’re looking for help bringing to the market, or just need something machined up for a bike project, Three R Plastics will get it done for you.

Economy Cycle

I was introduced to John & Terry @ Economy Cycle when I first got back into motorcycles just after high school.  I was all mixed up in vintage 2-strokes, and they helped set me straight.  John & Terry provide incredible service to the local motorcycle community, and are an invaluable asset to the vintage 2-stroke riders.  You name it, they’ve got (or will do whatever to get) for you.  They’ve continued to support me through my various competition ventures.  I look forward to a continued partnership with them in the years to come.


Helmet-Hook was the result of me continually dropping my helmet while on off-road rides up north.  I’d either twist my mirror in a funky way, or come out from a restaurant to see my helmet cracked onto the ground.  The Helmet-Hook is so nice and convenient that I can keep one mounted on my race bike, and not have it ever get in the way.  Just one of them simple things that made me say “Why didn’t I make this thing sooner?”.

On top of the above sponsors, my family continues to be invaluable to me.  I’ve got an incredibly wonderful wife who continues to motivate me to not only continue with training and proper nutrition, but also encourages me with my racing.  Simply put, she’s amazing.