Mikron HSM700 HSM Aluminum @ Three R Plastics Inc (Spring Grove, IL)

High Speed Machining on Mikron HSM700 CNC machine. This is a Latch for a BMW K1200LT Motorcycle. All done at Three R Plastics Inc in Spring Grove, IL 6061 Aluminum. SECO 40120-HEMI Tool hanging out 50mm. 4mm Depth Of Cut (should be at 15mm) with a 40% stepover. Machine running at 28000 RPM maintaining 320IPM. Programmed on Mastercam X3 MU1. HST Core Roughing with Troichodal movements. Needs some tweaking, and will do more testing at proper DOC and higher spindle speed (up to 42,000RPM) and higher feed rates.

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