Acerbis 4.1 Gallon Gas Tank – For KTM 250/350/450/500

I wanted an oversized tank for my KTM 350EXC-F for some dual-sport rides.  I did not want to be the Exxon Valdez super tanker.  Enter the Acerbis 4.1 Gallon Gas Tank.  This tank replaces the OEM radiator guards without adding too much width over the OEM Tank.  This Acerbis unit is identical to the KTM Hard Parts 13L tank, but with the Acerbis screw on gas cap.  I opted for the Acerbis unit purely because it saved me about 80-100$ depending on where you purchase from.

Installing the unit is straight forward.  Remove your OEM Tank, Remove the fuel pump from your OEM Tank (not needed if you have a second fuel pump setup), slide fuel pump into Acerbis tank, and finally reinstall the tank onto the bike.  The Acerbis unit included all the required hardware for installing the tank.  The tanks wall thickness is thinner than the OEM tank, so this requires some alternate hardware.  The supplied hardware did the job and is on par or above OEM quality.  No faults to be had here.

Between your knees, you end up with about 1/2″ of fuel tank extra on either side.  In the center, you end up with the standard Acerbis look of a slightly too tall fuel filler.  This is due to Acerbis needing to be able to fit their dry break fuel filler system.  Not the end of the world, but if you’re used to sliding up on your tank all the way up to the bars, you’re going to have a nut buster of a problem.

When on the bike you don’t really notice the tank all too much.  Yes it’s there, and yes there is a bit more fuel sloshing around, but there is no avoiding that with adding fuel.  So far I’m happy with it.  My only gripe at this point being that the gas cap breather hose nipple broke off before I even touched the tank.  Mildly frustrating, though luckily the tank is still usable without that.


I contacted Acerbis regarding the broken cap.  They’re sending me a replacement cap.  Excellent Service & Response.

Acerbis Part #:2367750147