if it aint smokin’, its broken.

It’s time to put the RD back together.  Getting tired of it sittin at the shop here in pieces.  Not much to do really, rear wheel, toss in engine….wire it up.  That sort of thing.  Kind of tossing the e-RD project\idea\concept on hold.  I’m a little worn out though from the day in Chicago yesterday with Kim.  A lot more walking than I expected, but a great day nonetheless.  I’ve been reading Keith Codes’ “twist of the wrist 2” this past week.  Oh how I wish I had read that before the last track day.  I think that would have helped me a bit with not only lowering my lap times, but also with how I ride in general.  Oh well, I’ll take the new found (to me) information for the next track days.  Well enough dilly-dallying for me.  Time to get wrenching on the summer long project of fixing up the ol’ 2 stroke.