updating……..aka me forgetting to update daily\weekly\whateverly\enoughly\oh and now i babbleonly

I decided since I got home from the shop last night that I should revamp this web-site and also actually post on my so called Blog.  I don’t have too much to elaborate on aside from a few things that have happened since I posted (which was actually last year).  And so on forth with the recap:

I made it to Jennings GP at the break of the new year (slight detour to Jack Daniels Distillery as seen in photos).  I had an incredible time at the track the 2 days I got to ride.  Made a few (read:  a lot) of errors on the track, but feel as though my riding is progressing; slowly but surely.  I managd to break in my new suit far more than imagined, but the bike and I both managed to escape the bowels of asphalt with only a few minors scrapes and cuts.

After Jennings, it was back to the swing of things with continuing projects with Josh, flying across the country and back in less than 24 hours and work as usual.  I’ve managed to squeeze in some more time with Kim as of late as well.  I quite enjoy this.  Having Cana ending has opened up a bit of Sunday time which has been nice, but still I somehow manage to become busy with something or another.

As of right now, I sit here staring at the background picture I have of Kim as she piloted my 50cc pocket bike (I know you don’t like it, but it’s too cute).  I have great plans though for this site.  My goals are to keep you (whoever or whatever you may be) up to date on my progress in side projects and just as importantly, what is going on as far as Motorcycle racing goes.  And also to the benefit of Kim and also my mother, I am going to use this site for you (or anyone else, but mostly you two) to help keep me dates in line.  I am working on finding some sort of datebook on here, so you can send me a message on important dates and whatnot so I can keep them marked up on here so I may never forget (but will still somehow manage to).

And with that, I must bid you adieu.  I think I am off to work on project RD350.  I need to keep my brain active, although it has been fast at work till 1am last night and back up to work this morning at 630am.  Late nights + early mornings = one weird Andrew.

Good night and good luck,