Thank you Microsoft……….Not

So I picked up my zune off w00t a week or 2 ago.  I went to install the software, and wouldn’t you know it.  For some reason Microsoft made a device that was NOT compatible with their own operating systems.  Luckily I was able to find a workaround for this, but still needed a seperate 32 bit machine.  Surprising enough this thing was even compatible with Vista, but for some reason, not XP pro 64bit machines.

Much to my delight I saw that Microsoft was going to release an update for the Zune firmware.  Basically making all old zunes, like the new zune.  So, I get to work this morning, decided I was going to hook up my Zune and renew the firmware.  Come to find out, you need to update the Zune software in order to get this new firmware update.  Problem is, is that since I had to do a workaround just to get the zune software to work on my PC, I can’t update anything.  I decided to check Microsoft’s site.  I saw a link that said “download here for 64 bit machines”.  I thought to myself…>VICTORY.  I watched as firefox whittled away at the 35mb download.  HAHA I thought as I double clicked the install file, thinking I had bested Microsoft\zune once again.  Suddenly reality sunk in.  And it sunk in like some far too thick pancakes eaten far too quickly.  It appeared that although Microsoft made the new Zune software support 64 bit….it only supported Vista 64 bit.  Not xp pro 64 bit.  I gotta say microsoft…how dumb of a move is that?  There’s been more than enough time to come out with a program supporting YOUR OWN OPERATING SYSTEM.

So for now, I will sit here and wait for someone to find another work around to this great dilema.  On the upside, my computer hasn’t crashed in over an hour.  So i’m feeling lucky.  maybe by the end of the day someone will have granted me my wish for updating my zune firmware.