Road America CCS Event Update

Figured I’d give a quick update on this past weekend (July 3rd through 6th).  I slacked on the last BHF event, and with how eventful this one was….It’s very much needed.  I had an incredible time starting off with Thursday’s practice all the way until my weekend ending crash on Sunday afternoon.  I’m going to just say that I’ve learned a lot from this weekend (skills I really need) and have come to a realization that my terrible form is one of the biggest contributing factors to my slower pace.

Enough of the down talk though.  Overall it was a great weekend.  Clocked in a top of 153mph according to the AIM MyChron (wow that thing is great) and have gotten a bit more confident in my riding and in my R6.  I mostly wanted to thank my mom and dad for helping out (ie making this weekend possible), Pa (Have no fear, your truck is in 1 piece :)), Kim for sticking with me at the track all weekend (and not freaking out when I went down), Josh for being my coach (phenomenal for not racing bikes!….hold gas longer…..brake later….drop it in the turn), John and Terry at Economy Cycle for getting me all my parts before I got up there, John, jay, Steve (The sierra is waiting for you to come back to it), Aaron (wish you coulda made it up), and of Course the shop Three R Plastics for giving me time off (then again that goes back to my parents).

I guess I have here more thanking than anything else, but without everyone encouraging me (kick me more to do more!!), I’d be sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing.  Thanks for everything!


ps. I’ll post race results tomorrow when I get to work.