Preparations for the upcoming season.

In my past couple weeks here I have really begun preparing myself for the upcoming District17 Enduro Season.  I’ve realized that with the wonky winter the Midwest has had, that my options for proper on-bike practice are quite minimal.  I can only expect to get real seat time every so often.  It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is, and I’ve come to accept it.

Normally this time of year, I’d find myself wrapped up in a pile of resource wasting projects that have deterred me from my goals.  Thankfully this winter I’ve really been able to buckle down with things and keep focused on my ultimate goal for this year.  Since riding can’t happen every day like I’d like, I’ve substituted with a few key things:

Exercise – Something I honestly didn’t do much if at all in the past and in the later portions of my races, I felt it.  My lack of body preparation in the past has really killed my overall results in races.  I can attempt to push it on machine, or setup, or whatever.  Fact of the matter is, I wasn’t at physically fit as I’ve needed to be and now that has begun to change.  My initial steps into exercising have been small, but progressive.  I haven’t begun dabbling yet in any sort of weights, or things like that, but begun getting my cardio in shape and getting some of the past excess, gone.

Nutrition – Since getting married, my nutrition habits had slowly progressed to the side of “healthier”.  My eating had slowly changed from random with occasional missed meals to something just shy of regular.  I had also cut out a large portion of eating out (or I should say fast food).  Despite the progression towards better, I had found that it just wasn’t enough.  Paired with a desire to feel better, and a strong desire to do better in my races, all piled with a healthy dose of reality from various reads online, I decided to jump into a paleo\primal food style.  I hesitate to say that I am 100% in the paleo\primal camp, as I’m sure I’ve violated plenty of their rules, but I can say that cutting out grains, sugars, processed things, etc, that I have felt worlds better.  Physically, and mentally.

Machine – I put a good amount of time into my bike this past winter to prepare it for the upcoming season.  Not much else needs to be said here, other than it’s ready to rock n roll.

I’m excited.  I feel as the upcoming race dates rapidly approach, that despite my lack of winter seat-time, I’ll be able to put in some solid performances right off the bat.  Really looking forward to what this season brings.