Sweet Relief!

What a relief.  Last Saturday I got to put in some time on the 450.  Such an incredible feeling to get back on the bike after several months off.  Amusingly enough, I had pre-ride jitters.  My brain had me thinking I wasn’t going to know what to do on the dang thing.  As to be expected though, my brain hadn’t forgotten how to operate the thing and I was able to pick up basically right where I left off.  Things felt extremely good on the 450.  The suspension work I had done over the winter seems to have really paid off.  Bumps and ruts that in the past had felt fine in the past, I hadn’t realize how harsh they had been.  The bike just seems to track better than before, with much more confidence.  In the past I had concerns with front tire placement, and felt I had to be extremely cautious in pushing the front.  That was not an issue whatsoever.  I placed the tire where I wanted it, and the bike followed, going exactly where I wanted to go.

Unfortunately my buddy Jamo hadn’t gotten his bike back together, but he was kind enough to do some mild filming of the ride.  Nothing major, but was good to see the bike & me back in action.  Looking forward to plenty more of this riding in the near future here.  Here’s the clip.  Enjoy!

Andrew Gore….MOTOSTAR!!! from Jameson Bradford on Vimeo.