I believe an update is in order.

Much has gone since my trip in early May. Several trials events have taken place, I’ve traveled through various states for various motorcycle events, and a slew of other things that quite frankly I can’t even myself keep track of. So for the one or two of you reading this (or for the sake of my mind needing to release countless unwritten words), I give you\me this update.

May brought about some intense events for me both physically and mentally (how cliche). Beginning with May 7th or 8th. I had my first Hare Scramble race. I can’t say enough about how amazing a race like that is. I’ve experienced extended time on a motorcycle, I had done “endurance” road races prior to this, and heck I even thought I was in somewhat decent shape. All things I would learn that Saturday were……How shall I put it…..Worthless? I shouldn’t say worthless. They all led up to a great experience, but in all honesty; I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. I was on a bike that I had only ridden a handful of times, that was underpowered, was\is a streetable bike, with DOT approved tires, horn, lights, mirrors, blinkers, and well overweight for what I was doing. I didn’t mind though and I guess I’ll use that excuse for the outcome of that race for me. However, I should start things where they really begin. The evening before.

I’ve grown up around a lack of punctuality. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing, but has always left me with a feeling of needing to be on time, no matter what the cost. A little obsessive over it at times I may be, I feel it helps me to in the end relax. So all began with loading the bike on the trailer, picking up Tom, and heading out to Fox Valley Off Road down by Ottawa (I think). I have this thing that with race events, or things of the like, or anything really that involves some sort of registration, that I like to have that done and taken care of immediately. I hate being the guy that is an hour late, begs to be let into the competition, all to hold up 100 other people that took care of their mess ahead of time. I DO NOT want to be that guy. So I pick up Tom the Friday night before the event and head our nice little way down to the event grounds. The little E30 chugged it’s way at 26mpg towing the Harbor Freight rickity trailer and DRZ400 to the event. We scooted our way into the event grounds with little commotion, walked around a bit, and thought about our plans for the rest of the evening. It was early May, so it was beautiful weather, clear sky above, and a whole lot of nothing to do for the rest of the evening. Luckily for us I had Gran Torino on my iPod. This presented us with a good chunk of time taken out of the evening. By now it was getting late, the sun had set, and we both sat comfortably in the terribly beaten up seats of the E30. Since there were the two of us in the car, windows and doors closed, it was rather toasty inside the car. Tom and I went back and forth on what we would do for sleeping arrangements. I had my tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag. Tom had nothing. Well after sitting in the car during the movie, I had no reservations at this point with sleeping inside the car. Tom and I agreed, and went about setting up my tent for him. After setting up the tent, I decided to actually sort out how I would sleep in the car. Mind you, this is a 2 seater with very close bench style seat in the back for little people. I being 6′ tall realized there could be a problem quick snap. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the confined space wouldn’t be my only problem. While the temperature at first was a balmy low 70’s, as the night drew on, the temperature plummeted, and fast. I fought to keep myself as warm possible with nothing but my sweatshirt, riding pants, and riding jersey to keep my warm. Oh I froze that night. A deep chill, cursing the sky for being so clear with no cloud to insulate me from the deep penetrating night.

I was cold and angry. Luckily I had caught a wink of sleep.