xMoto Let’s dig in…..

I’ve spent a lot of time hitting the starter button on my xMoto hoping (praying) it’d just fire up. I pulled off all extra electrical crap, as I’d been managing to pop some fuses. After some digging, it was quickly apparent was my problem was.

Crappy Rusty Fuel Pump

Ones Fuel Pump should NOT look like this. No worries, a quick 50$ order on Amazon and we had a replacement installed. In the process, I managed to break the wiring on the fuel level sender. I opted to remove it, and subsequently used the plug in the harness as a secondary ground wire for the fuel pump. Apparently this could be a problem area on some G650X’s, so I figured why not tackle it quickly right off the bat?

Sure enough, soon as that new fuel pump was in….the bike fired right up.

I was much excited, and was promptly riding to starbucks for a photo op in the middle of the night. My excitement however was short lived, as after 2 days of commuting, the 3rd turned out a bit hotter than I’d hope…..

I was able to pull all my essentials off the bike, and had tools out quick enough to pull the just so slightly hot muffler off the bike. My wife picked me up, and I grabbed my car with hitch hauler and off to work. I’d had a similar thing happen in the past with my first 650X where the catalytic converter had failed, and clogged the exhaust. Or maybe it was the internal baffles? I don’t know. Either way, I figured I’d investigate and hack things open.

Alas all things were clear…..

So I welded her back up…..and called it a day

It was suggested to me to cehck the spark plugs. I thought this was doubtful, as its got 2, and how do 2 spark plugs fail. Well, I listened to the internet advice, and wouldn’t you know it….it fired right up.

And thus we have it. It’s all buttoned back up, and I’ve now got ~900 miles on it in the time I’ve been able to ride. Darn midwest has been funky weather, which has limited ride time.

Winter time is hitting, so the bike is getting some new tires and sprockets. Prior owner had it geared for CRUISING, so its much too tall for round town fun.

More to come.