350EXC-F Beginnings

So I’ve begun digging into the box stock 350. My initial plan was to ride it as is. No touching emissions\smog stuffs, no screwing with lights, no nothing. Seeing the bike sit there though so fresh and clean, knowing that the base EXC model is a bit choked up, I just couldn’t help myself.

Some things may or may not have been removed:

So from what I had seen, this meant one unfortunate thing. If I ran it as is, the stock mapping, in order to get by without a catalytic converter, KTM runs uber leans. JD Jetting posted AFR ratios of a similar situation with the KTM 450. AFR was sitting around 16:1. That’s just not sustainable, so I had to decide what to do. Options were JD Tuner ~200$, or GET\Vortex ECU’s around 700-900$. My cheaper side of me, combined with actual Dyno’s from JD Jetting pushed me to going for JD Tuner. Before having the bike run for more than 20 seconds, I had the JD Tuner installed.

In the pic above, you likely see that I had pulled the stock mirrors. While I like how much I can see behind me, I know from experience they don’t last in trail use. I remember seeing one catching some side brush out in Moab and it exploding into 1000 pieces. It was quite comical. I opted to install one of the Double Take Trail Mirrors on the bike. Small, discreet, and with a slight shift of my body (with street jacket on), I can see behind me good enough.

So wonderfully small. Double Take Trail Mirror fits the bill for the 350.

Beyond this, the bike is 100% box stock. I still have the TKC80’s on, and haven’t even bothered with rim locks. I’ll install those when I do end up with some knobbies….which will likely be sooner than later. Mostly debating on getting a 2nd set of wheels and swapping. Big decisions here.

Full first ride report to follow….