A small favor I ask.

As the winter seems to barrel in quicker and quicker, I’ve come to realize that my cars’ heat no longer works. Normally I’ve been OK with having to do minor car work, or even major for that matter. Something was different this time. Allow me to backtrack a few days or months (can’t remember all too much anymore). I picked up the R6 so I could ride with John or whoever else and not feel like my hands were going to fall off as they did on the RD. Not only that, but who doesn’t want a newer bike with oodle’s of power on tap and razor sharp handling? I guess I hadn’t realized it at the time, or for the many years before, but there was something percolating inside me that I had been ignoring or avoiding (still not quite sure which). I know that this may sound as some sort of religious thing, and maybe it is, but bear with me on this for a few more moments.

Now this feeling, passion, obsession, whatever I had been avoiding really all started more or less when I really went around on a dirtbike. Oddly enough it was on the land where my parents house is now at. It was a mid 90’s KX65 or something like that. Even with being oversized on the thing, the way it scooted along just put the biggest smile on my face. Fast forward a few years and you find me with a 1986 Yamaha YZ125. I did some racing up at Lake Geneva Raceway in Wisconsin and even did one of Tony D’s racing schools. Shortly after though, I realized none of my friends were into riding, and the land where I got to “practice” was being taken away by a “friendly neighbor”. Now granted at this time I was probably a freshman or sophomore in high school. I was into music very much and got myself heavily into skateboarding. I did these mainly because A. I enjoyed them, B. all my friends were into the same thing. and C. things actually seemed feasible. I had drums, I had skateboards and I had a place to do both of them. I basically just disregarded the fun and enjoyment I had while on 2 wheels as if it never even existed in my life.

Time went on and I found myself towards the end of my Senior year. I had been through a couple bands, skateboard sponsors, and a slew of other things, but nothing seemed to pan out. I always figured that things never worked out because….well I wasn’t supposed to do them; and maybe that has been the correct assumption all along. Either way towards the end of my senior year, I found myself being pulled slightly back into the depths of motorcycling by my dad and friends. I managed to score myself another Kawasaki, but a street bike this time (97 EX250). I had fun with it, but decided to sell it at the summer so I could pick up a canon for filming skateboard stuff. Again I fell out of motorcycling. I had more of a pull towards skating at the time, and things were more available (ie, I could go skate wherever and whenever I wanted to).

I basically milled around a bit with what I did. I worked, did church stuff, played a bit of paintball, I did a lot of things. I somehow managed after moving back in with my parents in 2005 and landed myself another motorcycle the following summer. This time a 74 RD350 (as seen in my image section). I spent some time on that, but didn’t really do much of anything with it. I rode it a bit, did a few modifications, but really just rode every now and then. At the time I was basically just working, doing the church thing, and seeing where things were going with my girlfriend Kim. I was basically assuming at the time I would just work at my dads shop and one day take it over and be “the man” so to speak there. It seems like a good solid plan, and honestly it would work out just fine. It would keep me in a comfort zone, and allow me to be “secure” more or less. I find something very wrong and unsettling about that…….

Security, comfort, and basically knowing “things will be ok” haven’t exactly sat right with me lately (much like my lunch yesterday). This is where the R6 comes back into play. Oddly enough, I as stated earlier got the R6 as something to ride to work, mess around on whatever “fun” roads that are in this area, and kinda save on gas. I decided I’d pick up a new helmet, jacket, and just a few little things here and there. I thought to myself and even told people I would never touch a thing on the bike. Somehow I managed to get myself on the Blackhawk Farms Raceway website and started looking around. I saw they had a race school, but I didn’t want to hurt my bike, or have to get all the leathers and all that good stuff. Yet with all the negatives (spending money), I bit the bullet one day at work and signed myself up for one of Visionsports Riding Schools.

I got bit and I got bit hard. The same bug that first got me when I was 12 or 13 sunk its fangs into me and has yet to let loose. I’ve managed to be at a few more track days at Blackhawk this season, with my last being in the Advanced group. I guess you could say that I feel a great peace around each corner and into every straight. A circular high speed home.

So why do I write this? Why am I in essence dragging you into a segment of my life? More or less because I know the kind of person that I am. My brain will want to drift off into other interests. I’ve worked harder this past year or so to focus on something; to really do what I feel led to do. I need anyone and everyone to keep me focused, encourage me, and most importantly PUSH ME. I know I will never get better if I am not pushed by anyone. I will gladly take any advice, input, help with anything and everything. That’s all I’m really asking of anyone. Heck you don’t even have to do anything, if this even made you think of motorcycles…well all the better. Keep this in mind. I’ll be working on the bike until the next time.

Much thanks,