Am I anxious, or bored of non-competition?

I feel each time I come on here and write something, that I’m opening some sort of floodgates to my inner racing confessional (does such a thing exist?).  There seems to be this constant feeling of “not enough” when it comes to me and riding (motor) bikes.  It appears that despite getting a lot of seat time on my bikes, it still doesn’t seem to mean much.  Don’t get me wrong in what I’m saying.  I enjoy all the time on the bike; this is true.  It’s evident in how my demeanor improves after riding (I’m sure someone out there could elaborate on the chemicals in my brain doing their thing).  My body feels better, my psyche seems to be improved.  Unfortunately it seems that “just riding” is lacking.  I need some Competition. Defines Competition as such:


[kom-pi-tish-uhn]  Show IPA

1.  The act of competing;  rivalry for supremacy, a prize, etc.:The competition between the two teams was bitter.

I’m not particularly looking for supremacy here*, nor could I care about prizes.  And in all honesty I know in woods racing, my greatest competitor is my brain.  The thing is, there is something downright intoxicating about being a winner.  Sorting out a line to get around a slower racer, managing to hold onto the bike up after an hour and a half of bouncing off trees, logs, rocks, and random obstacles.  It’s a feeling that is just not had while in a play ride\practice.  The intensity isn’t as high.  The focus isn’t as sharp.

All this to say that I am getting bored of “just riding”.  Sounds terrible when I love riding as a whole, but dang.  I need some competition.  Two weeks tops and I’m at a race.  It couldn’t be here any sooner.


*Ok, I would gladly take being known as one of the best. 😉