I got Gas…GasGas

As some may or may not know, I’ve got quite the changing interests.  I’ve gone from dirtbiking to skateboarding full time, to flying RC planes and helicopters back to road racing motorcycles, and now back to playing with a bike in the dirt.  The number of things done inbetween those things has probably been quite numberous.  Why it’s been like this, I couldn’t explain, but I think I’ve come up with a conclusion (or something of the sort).  I’ve always been into things related to 2 wheels.  I figured that with the road racing things, I was finally getting back to what I really wanted to do (compete and on 2 wheels).  However as I recently (and quite expensively) found out is that road racing will completely take it out of you, and not just the bank account.  I knew that something was up too when I found myself in the dirt on more than one occasion.  Despite not being seriously hurt in any of these crashes, I still have this feeling of…..not liking to be A. Woken up at 6:30AM after a poor nights sleep to the sound of an announcer kicking off the days activities, B.The constant thought of “Don’t Crash here” or “Don’t crash there”, and C. The downright cost.

Don’t get me wrong, compared to other things, I’m sure racing seems cheap.  But even with the support of family and friends, it just gets to be too much.

Somehow I found myself (despite already having 3 other bikes) looking into another machine.  This so called “trials” riding.  The “ballet” of motorcycling.  Surely this must be expensive.  Shouting “oh I’ll do that if you pay for it!”.  Then I did my research.  Boy was I in for a surprise.  Hrmmmm, used bikes for under $2000.  Weekend entries under $100.  Sets of tires for under $300. Events starting at 10AM.  Hot dang I think I found it!!!  This is the point where the GasGas comes in to play.  I didn’t have to do much to convince myself to get a bike, but how would I get to test something, or even see if I’d like doing it.  I figured I hadn’t test rode any of my previous motorcycles, and I could always resell it if the need be……….