Team MGH #205 – Midwest Harescramble Rambling

I figured I’d start a new thread for the 2014 season. If you’re bored & want to read up on the 2012\2013 seasons…Check HERE.

It’s been snowing since November. My motivation for getting ready for the upcoming race season has been around -5000. I didn’t have a race bike until about 2 weeks ago (more on that later). I’ve been rowing off and on through the winter….though more off than on. My buddy I go racing with has been giving me crap about getting off my ass. He’s been exercising far more than me, though I still like to remind him I’ll beat him in a race any day .

I was greatly motivated after watching this interview with Bob Hannah:

I realize I’m doing this racing thing for fun, but the concept of beating the guys now….before the bike ever touches dirt has stuck with me. I want to earn an A plate\number. Why? I don’t know. I guess I want to prove to myself that I can go that speed, and heck A sounds better than B 

The first race is March 9th. I’m committing myself to working out every day for the month of February to help get ready for the upcoming season. This first race will be to shake the cobwebs. The race is notorious for sandy whoops. Everyone says they hate this race. It’s about 4 hours away….so why not go?

The biggest change this year for me is that I’ve gone KTM. I had been planning on going with a 450, but with shelling out this kinda $$$, I wanted to insure that I’d have a plated bike for when we do trail rides\practices up north. I also knew that I really didn’t NEED the 450 umph. I wanted it, but I know the 350 will do the trick. Heck, if David Knight is destroying people on a Sherco 300 4-stroke, this KTM oughta be more than enough.

So here it is, a 2013 350exc-f:

Street legal stuffs have been removed. Wiring has been fixed (pretty bad for a $$$ machine). Gearing has been changed. Euro map has been flashed to the ECU. Now I’m just waiting on handguards & skid plate to arrive.

My plan for this year is pretty straight forward. There are far too many races for me to even try to win the District 17 Open B Overall. I’m too far North in Illinois to make that a feasible option. So that said, the local Fox Valley Off-Road has their own mini-series which I intend to win the Open B Overall in. I have complete confidence that I can win it. I took 3rd this past season (5th in 2012) and considering I missed two of the events this past year, I see no reason that I won’t accomplish this.

I’m looking forward to a successful race (& Riding) season for 2014. We’ll see yah at the races!