From one 2 stroke to the next

If you haven’t really talked to me in the past couple days, you probably won’t know that I’ve turned a new page in my competitive whatever you wanna call it.  I’ve decided that it’s time to get my head into racing mr. KTM 300.  The little GasGas has gone to help fund a few goodies for the KTM, and will help offset some of the traveling costs, fresh tires, and things of that nature.  But anywho, I am feeling it is time that I check out these Enduro type races.  I know that there has been everyone and their brother who has probably raced one, but, well I haven’t.  HA.  I figure the KTM is a perfect lil scoot for the job.

Right now I’m a little unsure of where else to go with my thoughts on this one, but what yah gonna do?  I’ll also be competing in some Harescrambles along the way with good ol Jam0.  Looking forward to just being out at events again this year!


ps…not sure why I chose this picture, cause I’m on Jamo’s 540 and not my 300.  I knew something looked weird.  haha