YZ144 Ramblings (some continuations from ThumperTalk)

What you’ll see here are some postings I’ve made up on the site ThumperTalk.  You can see the full thread HERE Here is some of the latest:

Well the issue proned YZ has to a degree been maintaining it’s evil ways. I was spending some time bleeding another bikes brakes, so figured I’d re-bleed the YZ rear brake as it was getting spongy the last time I rode it. Power bleed, all clear, no bubbles. Thought I was golden. About 30-45 minutes into my last ride, I got no rear brake  So I sat there in the parking lot, bleeding away. I could see no bubbles, and fresh fluid was pouring out, but alas, no pressure. I noticed that each time I’d add fluid to the “reservoir” that there would be an odd swirl of colors in there, so it dawned on me. Clean that out, and re-fill completely fresh. 2 minutes later and I’m working with a whole new brake. 

I didn’t realize how much I had altered my riding to compensate for a rear brake that had always been a bit on the squishy side. I chocked it up to old lines, and slightly worn components. After having properly bled brake, I really had to work on my braking points, as my rear was locking up much quicker\easier than I had been accustomed to. Couple laps around a track and I was back in action. How sweet it was!

I have been really enjoying my woods suspension, other than for the fact that every time I have ridden the dang thing, it has been on tracks instead of trails, but what can you do. I haven’t really even bothered touching the clickers, as I feel they are so far pretty solid; although I feel I may end up clicking them a bit more stiff in the future.

I am finding that the ATV High bars are….well, too high. It’s not terrible, but really I need to switch to a CR-Hi bend, with 0.5″ cut off each end. That will be the best setup.

I also had the joy of a friend hooking me up with a spare Michelin MS3 110/100-19 rear tire. I know, it’s a bit larger than normally on a 125, but I tell yah what. The larger profile gives that much more grip & also acts as if I am rocking an 18″ rear tire. I’m hooked. I will be switching from the Shinko 520 tires (thought I thought they performed quite well for as long as they did).

That’s about it for now. Was supposed to race a GP with it last Sunday, but the club wussed out because of some light rain in the AM (oddball MX guys ). I’m taking the 450 out for an Enduro this Sunday, and then the following weekend, there is another GP race that the YZ144 will be back at.

Some parting pics from the riding we did since the GP was canceled:
Been “attempting” to scrub a bit on the jumps. They’re so short that I flat land if I gas too much:

Scootin away from my buddy on his ktm:

Enjoying some small air:

Explaining to MR. KTM how to stay up front 

Happy Thursday!