Rustic Roads to Ruins pt3 or is that pt2.5?

So Loop 2 was supposed to take place end of last week. Unfortunately there were a few things working against me.

On the upside, the rain was heading East, so I figured by the time I actually went to head out, I’d be all clear to roll. Unfortunately there were a few other hiccups. Like I said, my wife works nights as a nurse. She was gonna be starting her 3rd day in a row and…..well a little tired when I got home from work. In her haste to get out the door, she realized she was too late to grab some coffee and also forgot her coat she likes to wear.

I thought for a bit, and based on the humidity, my late start, etc, etc, I knew I wasn’t in the mood to really snag some Rustic Roads. I wanted to get a short(er) ride in and enjoy the evening. Aside from that, my motorcycle was supposed to be a coffee delivery service for my wife, so I figured I’d be a proper courier.

Off to the local BMW Hangout…..err Starbucks 

Minimal amount of Latte was lost on the trip from Starbucks to the hospital. I was quite pleased with the cupholders performance, and my wife was quite pleased to not have to freeze all night in the hospital. 

I felt I had to pay some form of penance for having parked at a Starbucks, so I found one of the few gravel roads I could find in the area, and promptly spun the tires as best I could.

Now this is where my mind seems to go each time I see a picture of a big bike on gravel, or guys talking about hitting some gnar singletrack on their beast of a motorcycle. I competed pretty heavily for a few years in trials. I now race Harescrambles on a KTM 350 and do quite well in our local events. Suffice to say, dirt doesn’t scare me. Heck I’m far more comfortable on dirt & gravel than I am on the street (and I did a bit of road racing awhile back). What boggles me is each time I’ve gone onto gravel on a street bike (yes I’m considering the Multistrada a street bike) is how out of place the thing has felt. Yes, I’ve been on gravel roads and such on a fancy BMW R1200GSW….the pinnacle of off-road beastliness (or would that be a KTM?). I get it….but at the same time I don’t. To me, it’s just so out of place that it doesn’t make sense. But to each their own, ride your own ride, and all that lovey dovey stuff. I can only say so much. I’m planning on spooning some TKC80’s to my Multistrada to ride the TWAT.  

What can I say, I’m more comfortable on my KTM doing this:

But I digress. After delivering coffee, jackets, and meandering down some mediocre gravel roads nestled between rows of corn, I slipped on up to kick my feet out & relax up by Lake Geneva. Years back it was my “last stop” before heading home when I would go for cruises on the bike, so it’s been a nice spot for me to relax and enjoy the quiet. Weeknights, there are minimal people up there and the lake tends to be calm.

Not the best pic, but it is what it is.

The Duck patiently waiting under the streetlights:

I was rested up, so chose my route home. I can’t remember if I took the main highway, or the back way. Must not have been too memorable. I suppose that’s both good & bad. Then again, not everything needs to be memorable.